Millennialism: Two Views



Millennialism: Two Views

Questions about the end of the world have been asked for centuries. Theologians have argued over different interpretations constantly. This book tackles the subject in a very insightful manner. The author examines the two major views, Premillennialism and Amillennialism, showing their strengths and weaknesses.

About the Author

Charles Lee Feinberg (1909-1995) was dean emeritus of Talbot Theological Seminary. He was born and reared in an orthodox Jewish home and studied for 14 years preparing for the rabbinate. After his conversion, he received a Th.D. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Feinberg was well known throughout the world as an outstanding authority on Judaism and is a popular Bible conference speaker and lecturer. He authored 11 books, contributed articles to Moody Monthly, Bibliotheca Sacra and other publications, and wrote portions of the IVCF Bible Dictionary, Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia and Commentary, and the Zondervan Bible Encyclopedia. He served on the Scripture Translation Committee of the Lockman Foundation and for 12 years was a member of the Scofield Reference Bible Revision Committee.